The Ultimate Boho Shopping Checklist

Embrace your inner hippie with the bohemian style! From woven tote bags to embroidered scarves, this free-spirited aesthetic has something for everyone.

Printed kimono-style cover-ups look fantastic when worn with (#7) wide brim fedoras and strappy sandals. You can also go for cute little crop tops or comfy cami tanks if you prefer belly button coverage.

Boho-Inspired Bags

To nail the bohemian look, layer on a mix of textures and patterns. This includes slightly oversize silhouettes, decorative fringe and trims, distressed elements and cozy garments like lace cardigans or crochet tops.

Complete your ensemble with a boho-inspired bag. Whether you choose a leather bag with embroidery or a canvas tote adorned with tassels, the right bag will capture the free-spirited and eclectic spirit of this style.

Pair your boho-inspired bag with a pair of beaded flip-flops. This casual look is perfect for a day at the beach or a stroll through a seaside village.

Boho-Inspired Neckpieces

Boho-inspired jewelry evokes the spirit of freedom and exploration. Oversized hoop earrings adorned with semi-precious stones or hammered metals, as well as earth-toned rings and bracelets are the perfect accessories to complete a bohemian look.

A bold detailed necklace is also ideal to make a statement with your outfit. Look for neckpieces with gypsy-inspired motifs or intricate beaded designs.

As for your bag, a fringed leather messenger or floppy purse is a staple to tie your boho-inspired outfit together. Alternatively, you could opt for a straw tote or a braided leather cuff bag for a shopping excursion.

Boho-Inspired Shoes

When it comes to boho shoes, it’s important to find styles that match the free-spirited vibe of your outfit. Flowing sandals in tie dye patterns or floral prints offer plenty of boho flair, as do open-toed boots and ankle booties. Try to style your outfit with Enchanted Soul as they have massive bohemian fashion pieces for you to buy.

If you’re looking for something more casual, flat shoes like these woven sandals with braided raffia are the perfect choice. They have the comfort of a flip-flop but are dressier enough to wear with your favorite jeans and a floaty bohemian blouse.

For a more dramatic look, consider a pair of bohemian leather boots with fringe trim and lace accents. These can be worn with a long maxi dress and a fringed leather handbag for an outfit that’s sure to turn heads.

Boho-Inspired Scarves

A patterned scarf is a must-have in your bohemian wardrobe, whether you want to wear it as a headband or drape it around your shoulders. A large scarf with a colorful pattern will help you achieve a free-spirited look, especially when paired with loose tunic tops in white lace or mixed print styles.

Add a touch of the outdoors to your wardrobe with a paisley shawl or poncho in an earthy color that will match your jeans. A fringed macrame shawl or suede style wrap in mini, midi or maxi lengths will keep you warm and fashionable all season long.

Aim for a vintage vibe with cool outerwear in the form of groovy oversized blazers that follow a funky 70s color palette or worn-out leather jackets and denim. A woven hanging dream catcher or macramé wall art can also elevate your space to a boho chic vibe.

Boho-Inspired Jewelry

The boho trend is all about personal style. That’s why it’s important to add jewelry that reflects your unique personality. Try layered necklaces with a touch of whimsy, or bracelets that feature earthy materials like wooden beads and braided leather. You can also find rings featuring tribal or midi knuckle designs that are perfect for wearing on your hand.

Another key element of the boho look is a hat. From floppy sun hats to felt fedoras, hats make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Plus, a hat can help shield you from the elements and keep you stylish on your next outdoor adventure!

Achieving a boho-inspired look is easy with fun, colorful jewelry. Fluttery tassel earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be paired with any outfit for a touch of flair. Bangles are also popular for this style and come in a variety of materials such as wood and metal.

For a more sophisticated take on bohemian style, try layering dainty cuffs and bracelets.

Feather accents are another way to elevate a look for a more polished bohemian aesthetic. These can be found on everything from bags to hats and can add an ethereal touch to any outfit. Try pairing a feathered necklace with a simple dress for an instant boho statement.

Boho-inspired jewelry features crochet, lace and fringe tassels, among other elements that add texture and dimension. Look for pearls in fantasy designs alongside semi-precious gems and base metals. Large tassel earrings and cuffs, and dainty chain necklaces paired with a fringed dream catcher are staples to complete your boho look.

Embroidery, appliques and ethnic patterns on clothing are typical of the style as well. This includes woven florals, paisley and swirls, as well as fringe and tassels on dresses and tops.

Earthy colors, rust oranges and sand beige are ideal for this style as well as neutral hues like olive green, browns and soft grays. Look for long maxi skirts and kimonos, as well as a wide array of boho-inspired blouses, tops and tunics. A shawl worn as a headwrap or bag tie is another classic.

If you want to take your boho look to the next level, try adding a bohemian-inspired necklace like this mussel shell ring or gypsy wrap choker. Both are a great match for any two-piece outfit in earthy brown or sandy settled tones.

Wide-brimmed hats are a must, especially in warm weather. Pair a felt fedora with a printed maxi dress and pointed-toe mules for effortless cool.

Earrings are also a must have, particularly in oversize styles and with natural stones and metals. Styling your hair and feet with eclectic moonstone and tribal rings is another way to add a touch of boho.

The perfect bohemian look is all about details. Lace, embroidery and tassels are the hallmarks of this trend. Look for dresses and tops embroidered with floral or ethnic patterns as well as lace, crochet, ruffles, puffed sleeves and fringed detailing.

Flowy wrap maxi dresses in pastel colors like pink, peach and soft yellow, are the epitome of boho chic. Pair them with a wide brim fedora, strappy sandals and some layered necklaces for an effortless summer outfit.

A swanky boho-inspired necklace or earring set instantly elevates any outfit. Look for boldly detailed pieces with gypsy inspired motifs like tassels, discs and beads. Feathers are also appropriate for the trend – especially when paired with a floral dress.

Add a touch of handmade to your wardrobe with artisan-crafted accessories like embroidered bags, macrame tote bags, or hammered metal cuffs. These types of handmade accessories embody the spirit of bohemian style.